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The Jinbei EF-150D is the battery powered version of the EF-150.
It is a SILENT RUNNING Continuous LED light. It is a unique and innovative lighting product for both video and still photography shooters.
One of the most impressive things about Jinbei’s EF-150 Sun Light is its output. Drawing only 150W, the EF-150 puts out an immense amount of 5500k
daylight balanced light, equivalent to a 1500W tungsten light.
Photographers will be instantly familiar with the shape of the EF-150D as it carries the form of a traditional monobloc studio flash.
The light mounting system will be just as familiar as the EF-150D uses the very common and dependable, Bowens S type, 3 point mount.
The mounting hardware for the light itself is integrated into the main body of the light and features a large, easy to grab adjustable handle to make fastening or
loosening the light easy in any scenario. An umbrella shaft receiver also makes up part of the mounting system to provide you with just another way to shape your light.

Included in hire:
1 x Jinbei EF-150D
1 x Power cable
1 x Case
1 x Stand
1 x Shotbag

Capacity: 6000mAh = 6Ah
Voltage: 14.8V
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
Volts x Ampere hour (Ah) = watt hours
14.8V x 6Ah= 88.8wh

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