Jinbei TR-Q7 Wireless Flash Trigger



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The Bluetooth-enabled Jinbei TR-Q7 Universal Hot Shoe transmitter for compatible Jinbei flash units combines high functionality and pleasant ease of
use in one device. With the TR-Q7 you choose between manual flash output setting (1/1 to 1/256 or TTL control including flash exposure compensation.
The range of services includes high-speed synchronization HSS synchronization to the first or second shutter curtain as well 16 radio channels and six groups.

Included in hire
1 x Trigger
1 x Case

Radio rang: 2.4 GHz
Range over 300 m effective working distance 100 mm)
Radio channels: 16
Groups: 6, Ratio / TTL ratio control
“Studios” / Presets 12 app
Supported flash modes: TTL flash exposure compensation 3.0 EV, manual 1/1 – 1/256, in 1/10 stepsitten)
Sync.modes High-speed synchronization HSS depending on the camera, up to 1/8000 s, synchronization to the 1st / 2nd shutter curtain, Freeze M, app)
Power supply Lithium-ion battery DC 3.7V, 1500mAh, 5.55 Wh

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