12.2 L Faber Air Tank



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The Faber 232 bar, 12.2 litre (100 cubic foot), Standard, 178 mm (7 inch) diameter, Steel Cylinder with DIN/K valve and cylinder boot is Nitrox ready. This is the taller, standard length version of the 12.2 litre Faber cylinders. This is by far the most popular Faber steel cylinders. It’s great for shore diving, boat diving and almost any other kind of diving you can consider. Technical divers going deep and wanting longer run times often twin up two of these cylinders

Water Cap.: 12.2 litre standard
Volume Cu Ft: 100 cf standard
Tare Weight: 12.9 kg / 28.4 lb
Len.: 625 mm, 24.6 in
Dia.: 178 mm / 7 in
Buoyancy – Empty: -0.75 kg -1.7 lb
Buoyancy – Full: 4.25 kg -9.4 lb

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