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This powerful diving video led light integrates 24x XML high power leds and is dedicated to the scuba photo and video divers who wish a very high light power of 15.000 Lm at 160° beam ! The VL15000P Pro Mini is particularly compact (Ø70mm x 131mm) and its weight is only -341g in the water ! It also integrates 8x XPE Red leds for easy focusing.
The scuba video led light VL15000P Pro Mini from Bigblue includes a multifunctional push button with 4 levels of brightness, 1 level of red color brightness and SOS. It also has a built-in battery level indicator.
The power source of the Big Blue VL15000P Pro Mini is a Li-ion battery pack 18650×7 wich is charging outside by a 110V/220V automatic charger.

Light source : 24x white XML Led + 8x red XPE Led
Light output : 15000 to 1500 Lm adjustables
Material : Aluminium black anodized
Battery : Li-ion rechargeable battery pack BATCELL 18650×7
Beam angle : 160° wide beam
Sealing design : Double o’rings
Colour température : 6500°K (white)
Color : Black.
Burn time : 2h at 15000 Lm, 4h at 7500 Lm, 8h at 3750 Lm, 20h at 1500 Lm
Maxi depth : 100m tested
Dimensions : Ø 70mm x L 131mm
Weight : 800g in air (with battery), -341g in salt water (with battery)
Switch with battery indicator : 5 positions : 0, : 0, IV (15000Lm), III (7500Lm), II (3750Lm), I (1500Lm), SOS
Glass : Tempered glass

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