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The Tikee 3 PRO, the best timelapse camera for 6K video and photo. Professional and self-sufficient, it is smart and self-adapting so you can control
it on demand thanks to the Always On mode.

Included in hire:
1 x Enlaps Tikee 3
1 x Case
1 x set of clamps and straps
2 x lens caps
1 x Mounting bracket

Dimensions: 210 x 180 x 70mm / 1.60 kg
Cameras: Two 16-Mpix camera sensors for panoramic photos
Sensors: Image Sensors: Sony Exmor R 16 Mpx
Lenses: F2.8 wide angle lenses
DFOV: 149 °
Maximum resolution of the sensors: 16 Mpx
Full resolution image size (per sensor): 4608 x 3456
Size of the sensors: 1/2,3
Photos format: Jpeg / DNG / Jpeg+DNG
Resolution of timelapse videos: Up to 6K with myTikee Editing or Storytelling subscription
Resolution of left and right images sent to the web application: selectable from 3 dimensions (in pixels):
Small (S) – 2048 x 1536 per image, approx. 1 MB per pair (panoramic image after fusion: 3280 x 1180)
Medium (M) – 2664 x 1998 pixels per image, approx. 2.5 MB per pair (panoramic image after fusion: 4260 x 1534)
Large (L) – 4608 x 3456 pixels per image, approx. 5MB per pair (panoramic image after fusion: 7360 x 2650)
Weatherproof : IP 66 Operating temperature : -10 / + 50° C. Designed for extended outdoor use (resistant to sand, snow, rain, etc.)
Storage temperature: -25 / + 60 °C
Storage: Micro SD Card up to 512GB
Fully autonomous power management : Built-in Li-on battery and Solar panel
Battery capacity: Up to 20 days of battery life (with upload of photos to the cloud) Up to 60 days of battery life (without upload) Built-in Up to 60 days of
battery life (without upload) Built-in Li-on battery (24000mAh)
Charging: Micro USB 5V / 2A max.
Wireless data sending : Always on connectivity 4G/LTE & Periodic connectivity WIFI
Bluetooth Low Energy Smartphone Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.1 and + – Android 5 and + – iOS 11 and +
Mobile app compatibility : iOS and Android
Mounting system: Metal insert for the passage of a padlock
Pictures upload modes : 3 modes
Upload modes details: Normal mode: send every 25 (default value, configurable) pictures of the camera the status and pictures to myTikee
Minimal mode: sending status and a photo once a day
Sample mode: sampling of the photos sent, only 1 photo out of N (value chosen by the user) will be sent to myTikee
The upload mode, network coverage and settings chosen can significantly increased energy consumption
Securing the Tikee: Stainless steel padlock insert
Long term sequence: 30 seconds minimum
Event or Burst Sequences: 5 seconds minimum

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