Nanlite PavoTube II 30X



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The new model of LED tubes now encompass pixel control, giving creatives endless ways to light. Put a splash of colour onto a background,
or light up your subject with a specific hue. The PavoTubes feature 0 to 100% dimming with a maximum illumination of 2850 lumens at 5600K,
as well as a full spectrum RGB and pre-programmed special lighting effects. With the colour temperature adjustable from 2700K-12000K,
a CRI of 98 and a TLCI of 95 this RGB LED tube exceeds most studio lighting needs.

Model: PavoTube II 30X 4KIT
Dimensions: 43×1145mm
Color Temperature: 2700K-12000K
CRI/TLCI: 98/95
Weight: 1.7kg/3.75lb
Dimming: 0 to 100 % continuous
Control: WS-RC-C2 Remote, Wifi App control direct to unit
Power Supply: DC15V/3A,100-240V AC
Battery: Built in Rechargeable Li-Ion

Battery Run Time: 2.2 Hours of Runtime at 100% Brightness

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