Sennheiser True Density Receiver EM 10 and Sennheiser XS Wireless Microphone set



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With the easy syncing of a portable transmitter and receiver, XS Wireless Digital uses a 2.4 GHz connection to create a wireless peer-to-peer connection. It’s as simple as that. Be it a complication-free lavalier for the one-person video team, or the ability to remove the cables from the stage or rehearsal room, this wireless tool empowers your creativity by allowing you to roam free.

Inluded in hire: x2 Sennheiser XS Wireless Microphones

Modulation Frequency ranges: wideband FM A: 548-572 MHz GB: 606-630 MHz B: 614-638 MHz C: 766-790 MHz E: 821-832 MHz and 863-865 MHz
Switching bandwidth Frequencies: 24 MHz (range E: 13 MHz)
960 (range E: 520), tuneable in steps of 25 kHz
8 frequency banks, each with up to 12 factory-preset channels
Signal-to-noise ratio THD Temperature range: ? 103 dBa
Receiver principle: true diversity
Sensitivity (at peak deviation): < 3 ?V at 52 dBa rms S/N Adjacent channel rejection: ? 60 dB Intermodulation attenuation: ? 50 dB Blocking: ? 65 dB AF frequency response: 50 – 16,000 Hz Pilot tone: 32.768 kHz Antenna input: 2 BNC sockets, 50 ? AF output voltage (at peak dev., 1 kHz AF) Power supply: 12 V DC nom. / 300 mA Dimensions: 200 x 42 x 127 mm Weight: 730g

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