Tiffen 4×5.65″ Neutral Density Filter 1.5 (5 Stop)



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The Tiffen 4 x 5.65″ Full Spectrum IRND 1.5 Filter is a combination of both an infrared control filter and a 1.5 neutral density filter. An IRND is ideal for HD cameras, which have greater low-light sensitivity and, subsequently, an increased susceptibility to IR contamination. When using a standard neutral density filter to counter the increased light sensitivity afforded by the HD sensor, the effects of infrared pollution become more apparent. This filter combines an ND filter with a comparable IR control filter to eliminate the spill of infrared light reaching the sensor while still maintaining the extra exposure benefits of a neutral density filter.

Filter Type: Solid ND with IR Attenuation
Density: 1.5 (5-Stop)
Rectangular Size: 4 x 5.65″ / 101.6 x 143.5 mm
Filter Material: Glass

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